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      日期:2021-08-11 04:20
      摘要: 飛速發展的電子制造業所帶來的需求為連接器提出了越來越高的要求。高精度的注塑成型,小尺寸的鍍層控制及材料選擇是生產連接器的關鍵要素??v觀從業者,把握此三點,基本可以生產出滿足客戶需求的連接器。 而基于快速而有力的研發團隊及供應商隊伍, 則可以生產出各種各樣滿足客戶需求的連接器, 這已經成為連接器行業的發展趨勢。Zierick連接器因此能成為行業的佼佼者,獲取廣大行業用戶的青睞也成為必然。 自1919年以來,zierick制造有限公司致力于**觀點研發客戶所需的組件連接方案,挑戰傳統工藝做不到的效...

             飛速發展的電子制造業所帶來的需求為連接器提出了越來越高的要求。高精度的注塑成型,小尺寸的鍍層控制及材料選擇是生產連接器的關鍵要素??v觀從業者,把握此三點,基本可以生產出滿足客戶需求的連接器。 而基于快速而有力的研發團隊及供應商隊伍, 則可以生產出各種各樣滿足客戶需求的連接器, 這已經成為連接器行業的發展趨勢。ZIERICK連接器因此能成為行業的佼佼者,獲取廣大行業用戶的青睞也成為必然。



      12 Gauge (3.31 mm2)
      14 Gauge (2.08 mm2)
      16 Gauge (1.31 mm2)
      18 Gauge (0.823 mm2)
      20 Gauge (0.518 mm2)
      22 Gauge (0.326 mm2)
      24 Gauge (0.205 mm2)
      26 Gauge (0.129 mm2) 
      28 Gauge (0.081 mm2)
      30 Gauge (0.0509 mm2)
      32 Gauge (0.032 mm2)
      Coaxial Cable


      Zierick has increased the reliability of quick disconnect terminals with patented Stable-Lok® and Accu-Lok mounting. Designed to deliver greater terminal mounting strength, these particular unique features are available only from Zierick and are available on most standard Zierick quick disconnects. 

      Stable-Lok® PCB quick disconnects actually double terminal strength against fracture or mounting leg breakage. The Stable-Lok® concept shifts pivot points to outer mounting areas for a stabilizing resistive torqueStable-Lok® terminals are available in 0.187" (4.75mm), 0.205" (5.21mm), and 0.250" (6.35mm) application sizes. 

      Accu-Lok mounting is designed for 0.110" (2.79mm) applications. With Accu-Lok, PCB retention is not dependent on tight mounting hole tolerances. Instead, the terminal leg enters freely within the hole, with retention accomplished through a controlled splitting and forming of the leg. This eliminates stress and withstands repeated mating, withdrawal, and shock. Hole diameter tolerances may be as great as ±0.004" (0.10mm) for either Accu-Lok or splay mounting types.

      Zierick quick disconnects are manufactured to NEMA, UL and CSA specifications. They are available in vertical or horizontal configurations, loose or reeled. Assembly can be accomplished with Zierick hand tools or Zierick semi- and fully-automated applicators.

      • Zierick quick disconnect terminals are available in 0.110" (2.79mm), 0.187" (4.75mm), 0.205" (5.21mm), and 0.250" (6.35mm) sizes.
      • All brass terminals have a copper underplating for improved solderability over time.
      • Terminals are available in loose or reeled formats, and in vertical or horizontal configurations.
      • Stable-Lok® and Accu-Lok terminals mount securely in holes with a diameter tolerance of ±0.003" (±0.076mm).
      • Stable-Lok® and Accu-Lok mounting reduces the instances of fractured or misaligned solder joints.
      • Assembly is achieved with Zierick semi- or fully-automatic applicators.